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Julia painting a scarf in her studio.For as long as she can remember, Julia has been creating art. Color is the main focus of much of her work, incorporated with a sense of depth and place. Deep, vibrant colors appear in her watercolor paintings, surface design, quilting, embroidery, fiber designs and jewelry. Julia seeks connections between the “lost” arts and modern concepts of the abstract and theories of color and design.

Julia grew up in Kansas and found her way to Alaska via Yellowstone National Park where she worked for a summer. She worked in Denali National Park for 15 summers as a bus driver / guide / naturalist. She is inspired by the sights and sounds of Alaska and other places she has lived; themes of flora and fauna frequently appear in her work.

Many of her designs are created for particular people. This matching of personalities with color & form, mixed with the artist’s spirit, are what set her work apart from others; and provides a constant source of inspiration for her as one design leads to another. 

Julia's education includes much self-education and experimentation in addition to various art classes along the way. She was fortunate to have lots of encouragement while growing up - in the public school system as well as from her parents. She studied architecture, fine art and photography at colleges in Kansas and Oregon. Her most influential teacher was Phil Epp who taught her art classes from fifth through eighth grades; there she learned everything from perspective drawing to leather tooling. Her recent mentors are Mary Hertert and Ree Nancarrow, as well as the wonderful people she has met through her professional affiliations.  She has studied with Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada, Shibori Master & Scholar, Jan Janas and Natasha Foucault, Master Silk Painters and Anna Kankava, professional Pattern Designer for fashion designers.

Julia resides in Talkeetna. She wears many hats, working and volunteering around town.  She has served on the Board of Directors for the Denali Arts Council, and was the Program Director/Founder of the Talkeetna Artists Guild where she curated a non-profit gallery for five years. She has taught classes for Talkeetna Elementary School Art Week, Susitna Valley High School Art Week, Girl Scouts in Kansas and Alaska, Elderhostel groups in Alaska and Arizona. She also teaches workshops, does demonstrations and gives private lessons. Julia has been teaching at Alaska Folk School in Talkeetna since their opening in 2011.

Julia and her artist husband Tony enjoy painting, baking, gardening, bird-watching, going on dog walks and traveling to visit family and friends.  They had the honor of being invited to represent Alaska in the Netherlands, as part of the Holland/Alaska Exchange, 2004.

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Professional Memberships:    
Silk Painters International
Board of Directors 2008 to 2011

Silk In Santa Fe
Semi-annual SPIN Festival/Conference & Workshops

SAQAStudio Art Quilt Associates
SAQA Alaska Blog
Visit this site often for updates on great art and great artists in Alaska!

Surface Design Associates

Denali Arts CouncilTalkeetna Artists Guild
Founding Director, 2005-2009

Talkeetna Chamber of Commerce

Buy Alaska

KBWSKatchemak Bay Watercolor Society
(more info at Fireweed Gallery website)
Homer, Alaska

Alaska Folk SchoolNorthern Susitna Institute
Talkeetna, AK

The Dancing Leaf GalleryMain & D Street, Talkeetna, AK

Artique, Ltd.G Street, Anchorage, AK

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